Thee Experience (PINK FLOYD Tribute) / The Brunson Theater / Luba Dvorak The Continental Club


9:30 – Thee Experience
performs Pink Floyd’s debut album “Piper At The Gates Of Dawn”.
10:30 Brunson Theatre performs their all original album 
“We Land Soon”….first performance in 2 years!

also at midnight Luba Dvorak

LUBA DVORAK –  (pronounced: DVOR-zhack), in black attire and armed with an acoustic guitar, has been called a Dylan-Springsteen-Cash combo with his earthy vocal style and enticing storytelling. Born in the Czech Republic and raised in Vancouver, Canada, Mr.Dvorak has been playing and writing music most of his life. As his last name suggests he comes from a long line of musicians and is not far down the family tree from world-renowned composer Antonin Dvorak.

He spent the last 12 years in Brooklyn NY releasing four solo albums, “Starr Street Blues”, “Under The Radar”, “Hotel La Rence”, “Parts for Sale” and as a session musician, side-man, producer and owner of Starr Street Sound Studio.

In June 2017 he was picked by Steve Earle to receive a “Martin Guitars Camp Copperhead Scholarship” to Steve’s week long songwriting retreat in upstate New York. 

Mr.Dvorak lives in Houston TX and will be releasing his fifth studio album “Queen of the Rodeo” later this year. 
The new single “Loving You is Wrong” is available now on all digital outlets.