The Mighty Orq The Continental Club


The Mighty Orq –  Since 2002 The Mighty Orq has been performing solo and with his band across the US and Europe. He has won multiple awards, released six albums, and an instructional DVD for solo resonator slide guitar. He is a uniquely talented singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist with a focus in the American Roots Music genres.

Always known as a stand-out guitarist and vocalist, over the last 13 years Orq has matured both as a writer and arranger. Where early-on the musical emphasis was on raucous drum and guitar lines, now Orq takes a more song-centered approach letting songs dictate the instrumentation rather than the other way around . New compositions such as “Love In A Hurricane,” “Say It With Silence,” and the Weissenborn instrumental “Cannon Ball” from the forthcoming album entitled “Love In A Hurricane” feature an experienced composer, instrumentalist, and singer beginning to reach his stride.

Red On Yellow – “It’s deadly, all right. Deadly awesome. Red on yellow might kill a fellow, but this is the stuff that works a number on your earholes. Turn it up. On this, Day 5 of Love Austin Music month, the Austin Music Minute spreads the word about one of the newer badasses on the block, Red On Yellow. Led by front woman Bear Ryan, the local quartet is getting ready to release their debut EP Kill A Fellow, (engineered) by none other than Adrian Quesada, sometime this year. Red On Yellow mixes it up with molten rock ‘n’ blues a cure and then some! Recommended.” – Laurie Gallardo