The Cornell Hurd Band with Miss Leslie The Continental Club


June 16, 2018 @ 9:00 pm
$15   Tickets

On the surface, the Cornell Hurd Band seems like a super-proficient, ultra-tight, swing-tinged, rockabilly-informed Texas music collective. The extended ensemble — featuring fiddle, steel guitar, sax, piano and even rub-board — plays some of the tightest, music you’ve ever heard.

Hurd’s band operates like a grand honky-tonk revue. Hurd shares vocal duties with band members Justin Trevino, Cody Nicholas and Blackie White, as well as guest singers including honky-tonk icon Johnny Bush and the sultry Marti Brom. Hurd’s records (the latest titled Song Of South Austin) frequently include guest instrumentalists such as fiddler Howard Kalish (of Don Walser’s band) and noted pianist Floyd Domino.

But bubbling beneath this serious, disciplined musicianship are some truly twisted songs.

Open at 8PM Show at 9PM