Richard Baker Band The Continental Club


Richard Baker is a songwriter living in Sugarland, Texas. His music is very eclectic, covering a wide range of styles which encompass, classic rock, hard rock, blues, traditional, country, alternative and indy styles, all making an appearance in the song lineup. No two songs have the same style, which creates a wide variety of soundscapes to listen to without becoming predictable.


Richard had training as a drummer at an early age and was then self-taught on other instruments, along with engineering and the production of music. He has played with Art Neville, Lloyd Price, Paul Simon and other well-known artists. Richard has done studio work as a musician, engineer and producer in the studio, as well as having performed on stage for 2 decades in New Orleans. He has also been a music teacher, teaching his own style of playing-by-ear, writing and music production to many students over the years. He plays a variety of instruments including guitar, bass, drums, keyboards, ukulele, dobro, lap steel, accordion, harmonica, mountain dulcimer, mandolin, slide guitar, percussion and pretty much anything he can get his hands on. On several tracks, he plays all the instruments.


The band lineup features Tim Ruiz on Bass from La Mafia, Michael Maloney on drums from Dimitri’s Rail, and Barry Seelen and Randy Wall on keys, all accomplished Houston area musicians. The soon to be released album, “Edge of Time” is a double LP consisting of 20 compositions representing an unusual variety of material.