Joe King Carrasco and Patricia Vonne The Continental Club


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Joe King Carrasco – “An Austin staple since the Seventies, JKC remains a venerable instigator of the cultural collision known as Tex-Mex rock & roll, which playfully fuses oldies garage rock with Latin affectations. He holds four distinctions that make him something of a saint himself: He was the musical guest onSaturday Night Live in 1981;Michael Jackson sang on his 1982 track “Don’t Let a Woman (Make a Fool Out of You)”; Manu Chao cites him as an influence and covered his song “Pachuco Hop”; and he was once lauded by the quintessential music sage Lester Bangs as being “the most manically irresistible rocker to come along in ages.”” Kevin Curtin, Austin American Statesman, 12-14-12

Patricia Vonne -“Viva Bandolera” makes Top 8 in Huffington Post!
7th Album “Top of the Mountain” release in Spring
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