Grifters & Shills / Kevin Anthony and G-Town The Continental Club


Take a little Peggy Sue, Cajun fiddle, jumping sawdust and mama too for the latest release from Kevin Anthony and G-Town. ‘Jump the Fence’ is the 10th album from this South Texas boy born where the Gulf Coast waters flow, but he’s got a little French Cajun somewhere in him too.
Anthony’s songs are well crafted and timeless. Add to the mix an old timer or two, Hill County gals, twangy guitars, and weeping pedal steel, and you get the kind of music that your Grandpa would’ve listened to, the kind of music that takes you back to the good old days of good time radio. Everything’s a little bit sweet, not too spicy and a tasty bowl of gumbo mixed in there too. You can’t help but tap your foot and slap your knee. Oh, and he can sing it all in French too.

High Lonesome Heavy Metal. Amplifyin’ and testifyin’ for your soul.
His was hard rock and heavy metal. Hers was the classic sound of the East Texas piney woods. Theirs was a fiery collision, bearing forth a sound that was at once novel and instantly familiar–nodding to roots seated deep in high lonesome harmonies and back porch blues, while peering out at a scorched path bound by modern assertions and contemporary commentary. This two-person, dozen-instrument act provides a show full of sound a fury, punctuated with raw, quiet vulnerability. Come welcome them as they bring you back home.