Ese, The Heroine, Patterns, The Unconvicted Shoeshine Charley's Big Top Lounge


June 23, 2018 @ 8:00 pm

The Unconvicted
The Unconvicted is a punk/rock/metal band out of Houston Texas, founded by Mike Penick and Daniel McCrary. They combine elements of Mifits, Minor Threat, Black Flag, with a dash of Alice in Chains to their music. There is not really any specific subgenre that they play. They tend to branch out with many different styles of punk and metal. Their lyrics vary on subjects from the macabre to whiskey drinking and ass kicking. This band is a party.

Sometimes I know people in bands and they make the kind of music that isn’t really something I’d find myself gravitating towards. It’s just one of those things that happens when you write about music and when you hang out with artists. That was how I felt about Houston’s Patterns, at least until I heard their debut album Like Ships to Sirens. The group mixes hints of metalcore and prog into a hardcore aesthetic complete with screamy vocals that create an impressive sound. The advantage to music is that even when you think that a band is making something that you’re not normally into, sometimes they can change your mind, and that’s exactly what happened here.

-David Garrick, Free Press Houston

The Heroine
Some bands define themselves with style; others prefer to use relentless touring. Still others seek notoriety with the quality of songwriting and musicianship, or with on-stage acrobatics and off-stage antics. It is rarely that a band comes along that possesses a piece of each of these “defining qualities,” yet remains defined by something else altogether: Its work ethic. San Antonio’s The Heroine is one such band. Working towards lofty (but achievable) goals is a credo that each member of this hammer-swinging, five-piece rock ‘n’ roll juggernaut lives each of his days by (four of the band’s members are contractors, while one is an aircraft mechanic). Whether the band is on or off the road, The Heroine works hard, and works its listeners harder.

2011 Best Show of The Year
2012 Best Touring Band of The Year
2012 Best Rock Band of The Year
2013 Best Rock Band of The Year

Here’s what Joe Keithley of DOA fame and Sudden Death records have to say about ESE and their new Album “All In” – “Ese are a rough and tumble outfit from the streets. When they hit the stage you can tell they mean business. That’s exactly what Sudden Death’s Joe Shithead saw when ESE opened for D.O.A. a few years back. He exclaimed, “Wow, ESE is like Tex-Mex Motorhead, they blew the doors off of that joint.”About a year later Shithead saw Ese again in Texas, they stomped their proverbial stomping grounds in such a menacing way, Joe happily agreed to sign the band to Sudden Death. So this is the end result. It’s a wild and unbridled marriage of rock n’ roll and punk that has not been seen for some time. From the kicking opening track “Badass Fatass” to “Ghetto Ese Style,” these boys take power riffs and mash them nonstop into your cranium, you’ll be screaming for more. And that’s what you get as they blaze thru “Pissed Off,” “Texas Guns” and the saucy “Guacamole” (Texas Tornados). Ese is from the streets and they will kick your ass with All In, in what will surely become known as one of the rawest and best rock n’ roll albums of 2015.

ESE has shared the stage with incredible acts such as Flogging Molly, The Independents, The Vibrators, Nashville Pussy, Electric Frankenstein, DOA plus many more. ESE are true road warriors, always on the road wondering what adventure awaits them next. Be sure to catch the loud and furious sound of ESE in your town!

Doors 8pm
$8 Cover